K-pop inspired makeup :: BTS - FIRE MV

Let me present you a messy and shitty inspiration makeup from BTS' FIRE music video! 

Burn it up.

Why do I publish these pics/makeups even if I don't llike them... Maybe because of attention? IDK, IDC.


colorful watercolor

I got a spring flu but that doesn't stop me to try this look. My skin is having a bad day, thanks to the flu, but at least my brows are kinda on the point!

After finishing this makeup I realized that I don't own much of high pigmented and bright eyeshadows or bodypaint products. I need them so bad!

Btw this look is inspired by Linda Hallberg, Maanomeikkaa, Kimberley Margarita.
This is just simplier and not so big makeup as what they do. 


If I were a man...

...I wouldn't be very good-looking.

I hope I made your day/night with this ridiculous makeup! I am having way too much fun and I just cannot look at the mirror right now.
Btw I kinda look like my dad right now...

나는 왜 몸이 이러는 거니
(Hint: Got7 - Girls Girls Girls)


fake freckles and blurry pictures

I am aware that those freckles look as fake as possible. This was my first time to do a full-face freckles. Especially near to jaw line, those freckles looks like poop or dirt!

I made those freckles with Anastasia Beverly Hill's Dipbrow Pomade in shade Chocolate.

Warning! This blogpost has a high level of pic spamming


A pink evolution (Late night mess)

I am not dead nor this blog!
I am just so busy at work that I don't have time or energy for anything else. I'm sorry but I am not. Gonna live my life and every now and then update this blog.

So enjoy abt this shit what is inspired by my new hair (which you can see a little) which is made by my cousin, Ida from Space!

Warning! This blogpost has a high level of pic spamming

Used products ::
some random pink glitter
Grimas - eyeshadow no. 101 as eyeliner
NYX - White eyeliner
Innisfree - Lip tint no. 9 'RIPE PLUM'