Complementary colors :: Purple and Yellow (Gold)

I thought I did a special and different makeup than I usually do but no... And I thought this idea came from my own mind but after finishing it I realized it's inspired by my dear friend Maano. Again. What is wrong with my mind? Why can't I do anything by myself? Aah, so frustrating...

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Eyes ::

coverCover - liquid eyeliner no. 1 BLACK
Etude House - Proof10 Automatic Pencil BLACK
Loreal - Volume Million Lashes mascara BLACK
Make Up Factory - Sensitive eyeshadow base

Brows ::

Inglot - no. 390, no. 329
Lumene - Shaping eyebrow wax SOFT BROWN

 Lips ::

Make Up Store - lipliner NATURAL
Lanôme - lipstick no. 347 FUCHSIA
Rimmel - no. 004 INDULGENCE
Avon - Plump Pout lipstick PLUMPING PEARL
random pink lipstick

Base/Foundation ::

Lumene - CC cream LIGHT
Kryolan - Red Neurtalizer, Supracolor no. 406 as highlight
Joe Blasco - Blue Neutralizer
Grimas - transparent powder
E.L.F. - Cool Bronzer palette #D28
Ms. Chic - blush Pearl Pink
Peggy Såge - shimmering powder MIRABELLE

 I warned you. A lot of similar pics. Just for you. Because I couldn't choose just one or two...

 PLUS Just for your entertainment. This happens when I'm trying to take selcas. 


Blue lips and purple freckles

I had no particular idea for this makeup. It just happened. Well, maybe you don't always need an idea for makeup. Maybe it just comes from nowhere and you like the idea. Hmm...
And yes, I do have some freckles. They're just way too invisible/light to see under the makeup/base.

(Semi picture heavy post.)

Foundation/Base ::

Lumene - CC cream LIGHT
Joe Blasco - Blue Neutralizer
Kryolan - Red Neutralizer, Supracolor 406 highligh
Grimas - transparent loose powder
Beauties Factory - blusher No. 10 
Peggy Såge - shimmering powder MIRABELLE
Avon - True Color MOCHA LATTE as contour

Eyes ::

Makeup Factory - Sensitive eyeshadow base
Inglot - no. 390, 329 
coverCover - loose eyeshadow BLUE
Bella Pierre - loose eyeshadow NAVY, BRIGHT TURQUOISE
Sugarpill - Bulletproof (Matte BLACK eyeshadow)
Too Faced - Smokey eye-palette WHITE LIE
coverCover - liquid eyeliner BLACK no. 1
Etude House - Proof10 Auto Pencil waterproof liner BLACK 
Loreal - Volume Million Lashes mascara BLACK

Brows ::

Inglot - no. 390, 329 
Lumene - Eyebrow shaping Wax SOFT BROWN

Lips ::

Shiseido - eyeliner pencil L3 TURQUOISE BLUE as lipliner
Avon - plump pout lipgloss PLUMPING PEARL
coverCover - loose eyeshadow BLUE
Bella Pierre - loose eyeshadow BRIGHT TURQUOISE
Sugarpill - Lumi Loose

Freckles ::

Kryolan - Supracolor no. 545, LAKE ALTROT, PURPLE LILA

Joudun valitettavasti hetkeksi jättämään videoiden julkaisemisen Youtubeen. Oon kyllä kuvannut muutaman videon ja muokannut yhden (puoliksi), mutta en kykene vähään aikaan niitä muokkaamaan enempää. Tällaisia postauksia on helpompi tehdä, kun ei tarvitse kerätä energiaa ja kiinnostusta videoiden muokkaamiselle - siihen menee kuitenkin päivä ellei enemmän yhden (edes lyhyen) videon editoimiseen.
Mulla on ollut henkisesti semirankka kuukausi, joka vie voimia ja ajatuksia muualle. Olen pahoillani ja yritän parhaani mukaan järjestää elämäni kaiken niin, että jaksaminen riittää YouTubailuun/tutoriaalien tekemiseen...


I am turning into a monster (Dracula Untold inspired makeup)

Last Saturday I and my cousin went to see Dracula Untold. I totally fell in love with the story and the main actor, hehehe. If you haven't heard of that movie, it's about Vlad Dracula - how he became a vampire.
So because of that I got an inspiration from that movie. Some things I kinda borrowed from the movie but some others are from my head.
This makeup is simple but I wanted it to be the same "style" as in the movie. Kinda.

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