K-pop inspired makeup: Danger (MV) by Bangtan Boys

Yesterday came out a new music video of Bangtan Boys. They have/had their comeback and their 1st full length album came out today! I am in love with the album, I have listened it now like... The entire day.

So this makeup is inspired by Danger MV. It's again the color scheme that caught me for this makeup.
And this is maybe the first time when I used this dark blue (Navy) in my eye makeup. It look kinda messy but once again - I like it/this.

Warning! This post has a high level of pic spamming

 PS! Gonna edit the used products soon!


방탄소년단 (Bangtan boys) in Stockholm

I am speechless. I feel like I have been living a dream. I don't know what to think.

I saw my favorite K-pop boy band (BTS/Bangtan boys) last Tuesday in Stockholm. It was a week ago but it feel like yesterday (cliché...?).

I still can't understand or believe it because it felt and still feel like a dream. I remember what I saw but my brains cannot progress it well (yet?).

Omo, they looked so beautiful there. Oh boys.

SO, my and A's Tuesday morning started at 5:00AM after 4 hours sleep. We did our makeup and hair and at 07:00AM we went to buss stop to wait a buss for Tampere-Pirkkala airport.
Our flight to Stockholm left abt 09:30AM and we almost had a private flight - there was only 4 passenger besides us. It was crazy and funny at the same time.

We arrived in Stockholm a hour later and we traveled from Arlanda to Stocholm Central and from there we went to Gamla Stan for eat lunch.

After lunch we tried to look for the showcase place... And we found it about a hour later. There was so many fans out there and I felt like they looked us like "Why are those monster here..." hahahaha.

We went to wait in line for a couple of hours and we had our "waiting numbers" or something like that etc. We ate and talked and stuff and we're so excited for what's gonna happen next.

I don't remember exact time but after 06:00PM stuff let us in the showcase area. We got good place abt 15 to 20 meters from stage. Or it felt like that, I'm pretty sure it was that close. Even tho it wasn't, we saw boys pretty clear.

About 07:00PM the frigging boys came to stage with song called No more dream.
I was in a kind of shock; I started almost cry but I couldn't cry and I just starred at the boys (especially Suga...) and I remember thinking "What the f**k am I seeing?"
Then they sang We are Bulletproof pt. 2. I screamed with the song.

After the two songs the host came to stage and spoke something (I don't remember) and then the boys came there too and they introduced themselves and spoke stuff. They also had a quiz about Sweden and Stockholm. Of course the Golden Maknae (I mean... Jungkook) won it.

I am not writing everything up so let's say that... I am speechless. I am a fan of them and I am always going to be a sort of fangirl for any bands etc. Cannot help it but that's who I am.

After the showcase we went to out and spoke up everything what we saw. Then we left to Arlanda airport and slept there (yeah, we slept on wooden bench) for couple of hours.

We arrived to Tampere on Wednesday morning (we had "a private" flight again) and we we're so tired but happy. Even tho I saw 4minute two months ago I was and I am more excited and happy about this showcase/concert. I can't express my feeling with words so those two are the first words that came to my mind... (hahahah)

This time I got a powerful and realistic feeling and thought/idea what I really want to do in my life/career. (I leave this mysterious sentence here, hehehe.)

PS! I am sorry for my bad and stupid English.