K-pop inspired makeup: Back (MV) by Infinite

So once again I got an inspiration. And I have to say that it was the lights (on music video) that caught me. And how much there was red used in different items etc. (like blood hahahah, lol).

The song is so beautiful, I cried when I was the first live of it and I cried more yesterday when the MV released. The whole baggage is perfect, IMO.

You should watch that MV first and then scroll the inspiration I got...

WARNING! This post has a high level of pic spamming!

"Can you save me?"

"Save me."

Used products ::


Make Up Factory - Sensitive eyeshadow base
coverCover - pink pearl loose shadow
Grimas - eyeshadow no. 104, 546
L´ORÉAL - Super Liner
Avon - Aero Volume mascara
Too Faced // Smokey eye palette - White Lie
Inglot - no 329


Etude House - Lip Tar nr. 01 "Berry Red"
Avon - Plump pout "Plumping Pearl"


Kryolan - Supracolor LAKE ALTROT, Special Filmblood


K-pop inspired makeup: PSYCHO (by History)

I am in love with one special song. The song is perfect (to me) even tho someone/everybody says that the lyrics tells about rapists... But the song is "PSYCHO" not "RAPIST". It tells about a guy who loves a girl so much that he turn into psycho or something like that. And I think it kinda tells also about sex... Ahahahahah.

SO I got an inspiration from this particular song. I tried to make this makeup look crazy and psycho... I don't know did I nailed it or what but I like this. I have maybe never used red color on my face - this was the first time with it.

Warning! This post has a high level of pic spamming!

Used products//


Make Up Factory - Sensitive eyeshadow base
Grimas - nr. 104, 280, 546
Sugarpill - Bulletproof
coverCover - liquid eyeliner nr. 1
Too Faced // Smokey eye palette - White lie, Nice Ash
Avon - Aero Volume mascara, Mocha Latte palette on eyebrows
Lumene - eyebrow gel


Lumene - CC cream MEDIUM
Kryolan - Supracolor 406 as highlight
Make Up Store - Wonder Powder SAHARA
Avon - Mocha Latte palette as contour
Peggy Såge - Shimmering powder MIRABELLE


Etude House - Dear Darling Tint 01 베리레드
Avon - Plump Pout lipgloss PLUMPING PEARL